Best Portable Basketball Hoops TheDriveway You Should Consider Buying In 2018

Basketball is a very popular game and having a good basketball game, there is also a need for good basketball hoop which ensures the smooth gameplay. Having a quality hoop in the basketball court makes sure that many goals can be scored in one match.

best portable basketball hoop for the driveway

What is a basketball hoop

A basketball hoop and a basketball goal are basically the same things which use interchangeably. A basketball hoop refers to the orange rim attached to the blackboard. It’s a sports equipment and the place where the players push to put the ball in to score. A smooth basketball hope is responsible for the goals and if that happens the match really gets exciting.

Best portable basketball hoop

If you are looking to buy a basketball hoop then you may need to consider some things. Here is some best portable basketball hoop for the driveway, which you can buy in 2018.

  1. Spalding NBA the beast

The official sponsor of NBA and NBA manufactures this best-rated editor’s choice portable basketball hoop.

Pros – it comes with a rebounder and a moving handle, the 60 inches backboard is made of glass, it has a counterweighted base, it can adjust with a screw jack and can feature 4 strut support, it has a breakaway rim and 4 points z-arm mount.

Cons – expensive and shipping and delivering the product is difficult

  1. Lifetime 52

The best basketball hoop comes after the Spalding, offers very attractive features.

Pros – great build quality with heavy duty steel, the backboard made of Makrolon and the net made of nylon, it has a breakaway rim and counterweighted base, offers a 5-year warranty and can be adjusted to pneumatic lift

Cons – expensive and not easy to assemble

  1. Silverback

It’s a unique brand which offers good features.

Pros – nice build quality of heavy duty steel and acrylic, infinity edge backboard, the net made of nylon, it features counterweighted base and can be adjusted to lift, the design is convenient and ergonomic.

Cons – expensive and the rim cannot be ducked on

However, there are some other ideal basketball hoops available which are absolutely perfect, like Spalding pro slam, lifetime pro court, SKLZ.